10/06/2019 ~ Favorite of the month, June

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Favorite of the month, June

Stopping at the supermarket. Is it an amusing/relaxing activity for you? Or do you think it is boring? For me, it means more than filling the fridge or the pantry. I heard someone telling that the fridges of the best cooks are empty: this is because they choose every day fresh products  without wasting food. 

I decide, together with Francesco, to open a new chapter on the blog that speaks about shopping at the supermarket and my opinion about the new products.

- Gusto di una volta, Granarolo. Not only milk but also ricotta cheese, yogurt and mozzarella. Made with 100% Italian milk which comes from selected breeding. Rich flavor, typical of full fat milk. My favorite? Ricotta, of course! You can find it in the classic “fuscello” as our grandparents did!

- 100 da frutta Jam, Menz & Gasser. I’ve eaten the mixed berry jam and I’m in love with it. Try it at breakfast, over a slice of toasted bread or as a filling of a Linzer cake. It has no sugar added so its flavor is a bit sour.

- Burrolio, almond butter, Pariani Lab. Simply amazing product. A vegetable butter made from dry fruits. A bit expensive but the quality is high. How can you use it? Replace it to the classic butter for your pies or add it to your risotto.