La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Here, my favorites of August

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Here, my favorites of August

- Così com’è, yellow datterini tomatoes  in juice: if you are looking for a fresh sauce to season your spaghetti (together with some fresh fish, why not?) and you would like something different then the classic tomato sauce, try this yellow datterini tomatoes. Naturally sweet, they will make your pasta incredibly creamy, with a soft and balanced taste. You can also find yellow datterini “in water” and the ones with sea water, which contains a range of minerals and nutrients. Perfect for fish dishes.
- Bruzzone e Ferrari, Il pesto di Prà: when you read “pesto” in my recipe, I’m talking about the “pesto of Prà”. It is made with high quality ingredients, all made in Italy. Tasty, smooth consistency (have you ever tried those pesto in which the ingredients float in the oil?!), delicious. Available with or without garlic.
- Èleva, iced tea: completely obsessed with this tea! Natural ingredients and refreshing, this iced tea is perfect for the hot season! 3 flavors: natural peach, Sicilian lemons and “zero”, with stevia.