08/07/2019 ~ Here, my favorites of July

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Here, my favorites of July

- Juices and smoothies Innocent : not a simple drink, starting from the flavor. Delicious, creamy and naturally sweet, made with the best fruit. Packaging really attractive. My favorites are: the coconut smoothie and the apple&rose berry juice.

- Ri quadri, Verrigni pasta: how much I love this pasta! Perfect with Italian rich sauces such as ragù or amatriciana. It is very similar to a small “pacchero”.

- Spoghe integrali, Mulino Bianco: the intolerant to yeast will appreciate these crunchy snack. They are very light because they are Made with 100% wheat flour and no yeast. Delicious spread with cream cheese or seasoned as an Italian bruschetta, with cherry tomatoes and oregano.