02/09/2019 ~ Here, my favorites of September

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Here, my favorites of September

- Kellogg’s Extra Creations: not exactly my favorite because of my intolerance to oats. It is a muesli enriched with pecan nuts and milk chocolate crunchy pieces. Very appreciated by the rest of the family. You can also find another version with 70% dark chocolate, cocoa and caramelized almonds.

- Magnum Double, salted caramel: this  ice cream is seriously a yummy treat. I cannot describe it but you have to try.

- Ravioloni ricotta cheese and spinach, Luciana Mosconi. These are the ingredients: ricotta from Colfiorito, fresh spinach and Parmesan cheese. The filling is tasty and delicious and the ravioli remains “al dente”. Try them!