La Mozzarella In Carrozza

2019, #foodporn arrives with drone

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - 2019, #foodporn arrives with drone
2019-Seven tendencies according to TheFork and Doxa "Mangiare fuori nel 2019".

- Technology 
Have you ever heard about robotic restaurants? If the answer is "never", get comfy and wait for your drone-delivered pizza! Incredibile! For the time being, anyway, there is only one restaurant in Shanghai (the "Robot.he") where fresh bread is served through mechanical arms or carriages while a software drives them using QRCode.

- "Without"
More sensibility: this means no meat or animal derivatives, gluten free and lactose free diet. Every dietary or ethical choice will be therefore taken into consideration by all the restaurants.

- Ingredients 
It's time to introduce functional ingredients. In the short list we have: collagen for beauty, cannabis for relaxing and karkadé which should prevent stress. 

- Video
Social networks are now part of us. In the last months, many restaurants have shared their dishes on the social networks through beautiful and "instagrammable" photos. Some restaurants have even changed their menù to adapt to the new context. This is, anyway, just the beginning: our #foodporn posts will keep succeeding but they will be replaced by videos.

- Clarity
Prices and internal dynamics as well, such as salary or business performances, will be clearer. Big chains will also sponsor "Eco-Initiatives", while small restaurants will try to fight against food waste.

- Curiosity
We'll take even more attention to the ingredients used and we will use technology to lern more. "Vita Mojo", a chain of restaurants with headquarter in London, creates meals according to the genetic code of the costumers, through a partnership with "DNAfit", a canadian society of genetic analysis.

- Innovation
Next year, everytime we will go out for lunch or dinner, we will looking for innovation and actual captivating gastrnomic experiences. For 2019, the most populat reastaurants will be those that will offer temathical menu, such as the ones inspired to the TV series.

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