La Mozzarella In Carrozza

All the good there is

La Mozzarella In Carrozza -  All the good there is
My never ended love for rice, gave me the opportunity to meet closer the story of a Piedmont company that makes (and offers) rice from 1949, according to the values of “authenticity, naturalness, quality and tradition.”

Being from Milan, the Milanese risotto has been my favorite dish: at school, at the restaurant, at home with my family. Once in Turin, I had chosen “to move” this recipe with me, with @ilbuonriso as the main protagonist. From then, it is one of my “must have” product, always present in my pantry.

Using @ilbuonriso for my recipes is a great honor and pleasure. I should say a big “thank you” to Mauro, who makes me taking part to the “ladies of @ilbuonriso”, a group of wonderful and special women. Thank you for making us participating to many events, such as the show cooking which took place at “il Melograno” school last Saturday. A lovely afternoon spent in the name of good vibes, delicious risotti and special people.

Thank you for this meeting, thank you for your “good” rice. Keep it up!

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