La Mozzarella In Carrozza


La Mozzarella In Carrozza - August
August, finally. Last days at work and we can leave, "good riddance"! We have been waiting for you for one year and now here you are, thank God!

Sun, sea, holiday, chilling and food. We chose Amalfi coast, this year, the most amazing Italian place, for us. A real paradise included in unesco's world heritage list (1997).


Departure from Vietri sul Mare, arriving from Salerno. 8000 inhabitants and its famous ceramics that make this place one of the most appreciate city of the world. We stop here to bathe quickly and visit the alleys: everything is coloured, it was very nice. We enter in a deli and eat a panzerotto. Than we leave again, way to Cetara. 
Cetara: we loved the colatura di alici di cetara (anchovy sauce) on the freshly baked bread. We are in a fishermen village, we cannot benefit from it. A delight for the palate! We leave and we arrive at Maiori. We just took a dip because it was too crowded. We arrive at Minori with our scooter and the situation is the same.
It's late, we come back to our hotel, and after getting ready we decide to challenge the SS163 current: Positano. The have already told it: "the pearl of Amalfi coast", I don't need to repeat it. It's true. I confirm it. It seems a tridimensional postcard with its stairways and its whitewashed houses that follow the mountains outline. You must eat in one of the restaurants on the road where the view is breathtaking. Far and tired we go to sleep.


We leave from where we stopped the day before, maiori and minori. We leave from Amalfi. Amalfi= Amalfi coast. Once arrived we are welcomed by the white houses which seems diamond-studded, linked by suggestive staircases. The center is the most important place, where you can find the duomo of Sant'Andrea. The sea, by the way, is the only flaw because there is the port. It's impossible not to get lost along the alleys and the delis of Amalfi. We leave again and we reach another less famous place, Furore. We run down the 38462789451236 stairs and we chill in front of that architectural wonder. Walking around Amalfi I find a restaurant, we absolutely have dinner there tonight!


We saw Positano only by night, so we decide to come back and visit it again with its fruit market stalls. Wonderful sea, good food and go through other two sites: Ravello and Conca dei Marini.
Ravello: the city of music, where international festivals take place since 60 years. We are on the top, we can not bathe in that clear water so let's walk! The natural landscapes, the enchanted atmosphere, the architectural beauty make Ravello  a kind of chest that protects the wonders of Amalfi coast.
Conca dei Marini. 600 inhabitants (or less). We decided to stay here and if you look at the photos you understand why. There's a very little beach but you have to go down 400 steps to reach it.
Last but not least! Here was born the sfogliatella in the 18th century.

A special thank to Salvatore  

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