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Baby led-weaning: my experience with Bianca

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Baby led-weaning: my experience with Bianca
6-month-old baby. Hurry to the pediatrician to get all the information about the weaning. He speaks about baby food, pre-cooked flours and, especially, freeze-dried meat. Once did carefully everything he ordered, we start to prepare the first mush, that usually doesn’t meet our expectations. I didn’ t do anything about that with Bianca, maybe because she’s the second.

The first thing she tried when she started to be interested in food was pasta (fusilli) with courgettes that I have cooked for me. She quickly picked up one of it with her pudgy hand and, after staring at it, she throw it away. ‘That’s not a bad start’, I thought. Than, I kept on watching her till she finally started to bring it to her mouth. Firstly, her face was uncertain and doubtful, than she smiled. She was just tasting it but I think that she ate it as well. I noticed that everytime she bit a big piece of something she was able to take it out of her mouth with her own hands. The first period of discovery and curiosity has become now the period of desire and pleasure towards food. 

I’ve been pretty secure with Bianca’s feeding: first of all, her pediatrician approved my choice of BLW, than my previous weaning experience with Leo was so frustrating that I didn’t want to repeat it. What am I talking about? Last night while Bianca was eating broccoli and chicken breast, Leo ate his favourite dish: pasta with Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. Well, even Bianca has her own food preferences, sometimes it happens that she finishes everything she’s got into her dish, sometimes she don’t. Similarly, there are many traditional weaning babies who eat everything. The most important thing is, above all, that your children enjoy their meal in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with no impositions. 

So, what does Bianca eat? Simply: she eats what I prepare for me and my family. We don't have particular allergies and my way of cooking is very light. Start trying to give them suitable-sized piece of food like steamed carrots, meatballs, pasta like fusilli or penne. Probably, at the beginning they won't eat all the food you will cook. Don't worry about that. They will do it gradually.

Last but not least, to all the mothers who are reading this post, I would give you a little advice: our children are like a white piece of paper. It's up to us to choose how and how much colour it. They are just able to recognize the taste of breast milk or that of formula. Help them to discover food, you don't have to start necessarily from the sweet taste, e.g. fruits. Use your common sense and do what you think is good for your baby, following no trands or strict rules. Because a mother, you know, never get it wrong.

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