03/06/2019 ~ June, first glances of summer

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - June, first glances of summer

I would never say that, but we’re already in June. Summer is coming, schools are over and, for those who haven’t do it yet, it’s time to choose and book the holiday destination. The month of cherries, pumpkin flowers, strawberries and peaches. On the table only fresh meals such as pasta or rice salads, caprese, ham and melon. All flavors which bring us to the hot summer evenings, when we come back from the beach, tired and hungry.

June, I would like to say, is the month of a very important day, the 19th of June is our wedding anniversary. We married in 2011, two years later Leo was born and last years arrived Bianca. I think love should be celebrated every day, so don’t ask me what I m going to do on the 19th of June. 

The recipes of this month will be great, not to be missed. As usual, simply and tasty recipes with seasonal ingredients!