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Kind words

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Kind words
"Once upon a time there was a planet on which you can t be impolite or aggressive. It was lived by people who owned a big heart, full of good feelings and too much love."

This is my ideal world when I'm dreaming for it: a place where you don't have fear to hurt or to be hurted. Because sometimes, without being aware of that, we are the first one who break the heart rules. Few people still believe in the power of good manners, respect and altruism. In the past I didn't accept my sensitive side. Than, I decided them to become my strength, because in a world that is not the ideal one, to be sensitive means to be different and unique. I have no difficulty to say "thank you" or to praise someone when he impress me. I learn from each other's lessons and I'm for an ugly truth instead of a beautiful lie.

Today, my little Leo told me that he learned the kind words at school. So the day has been full of "please mum.../thank you mum!". I have also heard that in Italian adverbs are increasingly present in our sentences, sometimes used in a wrong way. Anyway, we love them, they give a dignified tone to our speech and they fill the gaps. Well, why can't we use those kind words instead of adverbs? They're free but you will feel better.

Maybe, you'll make laugh that person who never smiles. Or you'll give a pinch of confidence to whom think that he doesn't worth. Is this not enough? A social and linguistic revolution. Than, let's use these words, repeat them. So much for those adverbs and for those gaps. Especially, so much for those people who still can't say "thank you".

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