La Mozzarella In Carrozza

October, chestnuts, Sunday.

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - October, chestnuts, Sunday.
October is the month of balance, the month of present and old reflections. It's the period of ploughing and the season of apples and pears harvesting. In the past, the pagans used to pray Gods for the protections of their crops from the cold weather. It's the tenth month of the year, when we feel more tired, and to help us there are the so called "October sons": the chestnuts.

The amount of calories of these delicious fruits are less than those of walnuts for example and they are also rich of minerals and vitamins, which make them very usefull for our health. Furthermore, They are gluten-free so celiac people can eat them. They are a good alternative also for kids who are allergic to cow's milk because chestnut are very rich in sugar.

Here, 4 places in Lombardy where you can go and pick up chestnuts:
- Como's lake. Between Como's lake and Switzerland you can find san fedele d intelvi and Cas asco intelvi woods. This is the right place for people who want to take a scenic walk too.
- Triangolo lariano. The right place for bike's lovers. After picking up the chestnuts into the Valbrona wood, you can do a bike ride to madonna del ghisallo sanctuary.
- Valtellina. For food lovers and people who wants to eat its gastronomic specialities.
- Iseo lake. Here, Marone is the richiest place of chestnut wood. If you go to city of Zone you can also see one of the more characteristic valcamonica landscape: le piramidi.

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