25/03/2019 ~ Personally, I think spring is a metaphor

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Personally, I think spring is a metaphor

Personally, I think spring is a metaphor: I’ve always seen it as a new chapter to begin, when you finally turn the page of the book and leave everything behind. A new chapter speaking about strawberries, pastel colors and days that seems longer. 

I’ve always started something new in spring: I even joined to piano lessons when I was sixteen because I was fallen in love with the garden of that school, full of beautiful blossom and flowers. This passion didn’t last too much: in autumn I’ve already understood that my career had nothing to do with playing arpeggios and C major scale.

Do you agree with me about seeing spring as a begin of something? It is the first season of the year and, in Italian, the word “primavera” etymologically means more or less “the begin of a splendor” clearly referring to the sunny season...I prefer, anyway, to stay true to my metaphor.