La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Randomly, in Gènève.

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Randomly, in Gènève.
Gènève is one example of how reality overcomes expectations. We choose it “randomly”, as when you pick up a secret ticket without knowing what it is hiding. As soon as we came back from our holiday we still had some days off so we decided to leave again. Holidays, anyway, arrive once a year. 

So, I opened my luggage and I started to fill it with my clothes, again, “randomly”. Meanwhile, I think to those who leave with just a backpack on their shoulder. Lucky people. This time, anyway, I’m going further: I’m about to leave abroad and I haven’t booked the hotel yet. Yes, I’ve also chosen the hotel...guess how? “Randomly”.

Once arrived in Gènève, we stopped at two hotels, both full. We started to feel about worried but finally we found the hotel that will have guested us. What a surprise: nice, elegant and comfortable. (Design hotel f6, rue Ferrier,6 - Gènève)

In Gènève, there are many places to visit: le Jet d’Eau, the old town, parks which seem English gardens, the Botanic Garden (wonderful and free), Onu palace and so on. You can also make an excursion to the neighboring villages around Gènève: we chose Yvoire and we really loved it. Once there, you have the impression that time has stopped. Don’t forget to visit “le Jardin de cinq sens” and to eat a delicious crêpe at “crêperie d’Yvoire”.

I will come back to Gènève. “Randomly”, of course.

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