La Mozzarella In Carrozza

The three best Cafés for breakfast in Turin

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - The three best Cafés for breakfast in Turin
Don't ask me to skip breakfast. Probably, I could have a quick lunch or dinner and it would be ok, but in the morning I can't do without a slow and rich breakfast. When this is not possible because I'm in a hurry, I treat myself to a warm cappuccino and croissants. Here my favorite places for a delightful breakfast.

Pasticceria Maggiora - Corso Fiume, 2
Cozy location and antique style that takes you back in time. Spaces are maybe too tight but a dehor is available. Creamy and frothy cappuccino and if you ask for a white coffee they serve it in the cappuccino cup. Here you should try the "vipera", a special French croissant with a layer of sugar on the top. This café is also known for the famous "maggiorini", which are sandwiches with a particular filling, and for the high quality of the happy hour buffet.

Bar Crimea - Corso Fiume, 2/F
Located next to Maggiora Pasticceria, this bar is bigger than the first and boasts a more contemporary style. Big variety of croissants and brioche, pain au chocolat and mix berry jam croissant are my favorite. Here you can also find vegan products. Cappuccino is amazing with a very light and delicious froth.

Farmacia del Cambio - Piazza Carignano, 2
Historical location in the very center of the city. Cappuccino ok, creamy and delightful just as it should be. If you are here try "marocchino" a typical coffee served with an amazing gianduia cream. Whole- wheat or rice cream filled croissant, apple and vanilla custard puff pastry tartes are my favorite. Maybe it's not so cheap but I highly recommend it if you're in Turin!