La Mozzarella In Carrozza

The wonderful world of weaning

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - The wonderful world of weaning

I think the world of weaning in simply wonderful. Why is it so? Let’s try to think about a plain sheet of paper and lots of colors next to it. You will find natural to free your imagination, creating new shapes and colorful drawings.
This is how I see the weaning, as a mother of two children. With Leonardo, 6 years old, I’ve followed the traditional weaning: baby food, homogenized creams, ingredients approved and not. With Bianca, I’ve chosen the baby-led weaning instead. Why this choice? I was aware and conscious about it, especially after sharing all my doubts and questions with my pediatrician.

Leo and Bianca have a different relationship with food. I don’t know if it depends on the different ways of feeding them, but I can say that BLW has been very helpful for me: Bianca is curious with the new ingredients and she lives the meals as positive interactive experiences. What really makes the difference, has been my approach and behavior: from mum “sniper” To a mum who “eats with you the same recipes”. So relaxing and surprising. 

Let’s come back to the previous Metaphor: the weaning process is so important for our children. BLW offers them the opportunity to explore the texture, the taste, the color of each ingredients, from the acidity of an orange to the sweetness of a carrot. Leave them the possibility to transform the white piece of paper into a wonderful colorful album.

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