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La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Walking'n'running
It's a blog about food, we love cooking but, above all, we absolutely love eating. Unfortunately we cannot do it all the time. Doing my job as a Programmer means that I spend most part of the day sit in my office; in spite of this, When I come back home I always look for something good in my "sweet corner". 

Anyway, I have to say that I go to gym twice a week and I train a 8-year-old children football team.

This post is to answer to all those people who asked me advice after I lost 15 kg: "What is better to loose weight? Which burns more calories, walking or running?"

How much should I walk to loose weight?
That was what I asked to my personal trainer at the beginning. I wanted to start in a slowly way since it was 7 years that I didn't practice any sport. He told me that I should walk one hour a day three-four times a week. Perseverance and stretching before and after the walk. 
At the end, A quick walk can be considered a right way to loose weight without doing a relevant physical effort; anyway, it won't be a piece of cake. 

How much should I run to loose weight?
Of course, a 20 min run burns more calories than walking 20 min but here should we consider other parameters like speed and breath.

To sum up:
1 km Run: more calories burnt per minute, less minutes of activity.
1 km Walk: less calories burnt per min, more minutes of activity.

Remember that whatever you will choose, walking or running, is good for you and your healthy. Just remember to wear your earphones so that you can listen some good music while walking/running. Then, Choose the most comfortable shoes you have and go to your favorite park of the city. Free, stress less and rigenerative.

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