16/09/2019 ~ Welcome to a paradise corner

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Welcome to a paradise corner

A wonderful place, like in a fairy tale. Where every detail is important. I’m speaking about Alberobello. It is said that visiting the same place for few times is wrong, because your feelings could change. Personally, I think that this is not true for Alberobello. Walking around the beautiful “trulli” is really relaxing.

World heritage site from 1996, it seems to be in another age. To hear old stories and poetry coming from breathtaking views. On the roof of each trullo, you can also see a symbol. This refers to Christianism and to other magical ancient symbols

Well, I felt really exited when I was there. A little paradise corner which has welcomed us on the way back from Lecce. You should not visit it during the high-season, this is because it would be very crowded. Once there, close your eyes and smell the perfume. Try also to hug an olive tree: you will feel a magic sensation.