05/02/2019 ~ What kind of world would be without it?

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - What kind of world would be without it?

Nutella: the most famous creamy chocolate hazelnut spread. When we were children it was our prize after we tidied up the room or finished homework. I woke up thinking that "Pane&Nutella" was waiting for me.

I always it Nutella with bread, I think it gives its best. Today there are lots of other healthier chocolate hazelnut creams: organic, vegan sugarless creams. Anyway, people still buy Nutella because it is unique. Surely it won't be the Nutella palm oil that will kill us and we can't think that organic creams are healthier if their first ingredient is sugar.

Today is the "world Nutella day" and, together with a baguette, I bought it!