30/10/2018 ~ What should I do with them once picked up?

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - What should I do with them once picked up?

As already said in the previous post 'October, Chestnuts, Sunday', last Sunday, we went to pick up chestnuts in Valtellina.

There were so many! Well, what should I do with them once picked up? 

Surfing the web and speaking with people who knows about cooking stuff (my grandma) I found 4 tips that I want to share here:

- Use a bay leaf when you roast your chestnuts. I've never thought about this and, believe me, they're great!

- Chestnuts and wine: perfect match! I still need to understand if it's better eat chestnuts with white wine or with red one. For now, I can say that they are perfect with both!

- Use chestnuts as the filling of turkey, as Americans do on thanksgiving day. Too rich, I would say...

- Chestnuts milk soup: my grandma, told me that I was greedy for it. I can't remember of course but I trust her: boil chestnuts and smash them (not too much). "Don't forget to add vanilla or cinnamon!'

PS I translate the sentence for you. My grandma is from Puglia!

I wait for your comments!

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