09/09/2019 ~ Why do i choose Otranto

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Why do i choose Otranto

Otranto has been a logistic choice. Our tour of Salento has started there, because even if we are from Puglia, we’ve never gone beyond the Gargano. Waking up early, breakfast with pasticciotti (thx @sole.del.mediterraneo for the recipe), backpack on the shoulders and we were ready to begin our trip.

If you see olives tree from above, you’ll notice that they seem suggestive pictures, created by a unique inspired mind. From the paths, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the country, the sea that is very similar to that of tropic places. Villages full of history and traditions. Palascia lighthouse, Porto cesareo, Nardò, Alberobello. What we saw there was so and amazing that seems to us wonderful postcards. 

In italian, Otranto is the anagram of Tornato (Coming back). And we are sure that we will visit Otranto again.