La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Why do i choose Sorrento?

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Why do i choose Sorrento?
Hospitable, magic, breath-taking panoramas and delicious food: I really don't know the right adjective to describe Sorrento but these are surely its main characteristics.

I think that You start to love a place when, After Being there once, you need to get back twice, three times and yes, four times. Actually, Sorrento isn't too big, you can visit it in a very few days. The thing is that, once arrived, it becomes really hard to go away. The Places I love the most are the wonderful terraces from which you can admire the Gulf and the Vesuvius: they both are the frame of a deep blue see, sometimes interrupted BY tue white wakes of ships or fishing boat.

Sorrento is above all good food: you absolutely should eat the famous "fior di latte", so tasty and impressive. If you want to try some local and fresh fish you can't miss the restaurants BY the port. Sorrento is Also shopping: you can do it in its central traffic-free street or in its alleys. Here, surrounded by hand made ceramics and Lemon fragrance, you can buy typical products, groceries and so much more. Icing on the cake: Why do I choose Sorrento for my holidays (and not Positano or Amalfi)? Because It's logistically perfect for a mum like me who travels with 2 children and a stroller. So, for a body and soul regeneration go on one of those terraces ("lì dove il mare luccica", an italian famous song says) and sit down on a banch, waiting for the sunset. Than, try to make a photograph with your mind: I'm sure you'll never forget it.

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