La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Why do i choose Vieste

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Why do i choose Vieste
It’s such a difficult thing for me to find a place where I can feel like home. It’s not easy to familiarize with new habits and new ways of thinking, because even if I’m still in Italy, the gap between north and south is getting wider and wider.

Lunch at 14 p.m. instead of clocking into the office, people met for the first time who speak with you for hours without looking at their watch and without saying “I have to go”. For the ones who is always in a hurry, this slow way of living is hard to understand and accept. Especially, At the beginning. Then, it happens that you finish to love all this. There’s a sentence of an Italian film that is famous. The actor says “when an outsider comes to the south, they cry twice: once when they arrive and again when they leave.” And that is true. This is why I choose Vieste for my holiday this year. I’ve chosen those red, juicy and delicious tomatoes, the blu sea, which finish where the sky begins, the lighthouse, the ancient part of the city.

People who shares their smiles and their local foods. I far from home but I’ve never missed it. Vieste, on the contrary, will be forever in my heart and I think I’m gonna miss it ver much.

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