La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Writing: my expression of freedom

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Writing: my expression of freedom
Let’s start from the origins, or better, from what I remember. When I went to school, nothing made me so happy as essays: I was full of imagination and I always found something to write

On the contrary, I was such a reserved and shy girl who didn’t like to talk about herself. 
Then, when I was sexteen, I met my Italian professor: she wasn’t kind or nice but I still remember how she taught and the lot of notions she knew. She decided to read my essay about the consequences of smoking in another course, to other guys older than me (who smoke, of course, and not only cigarettes) because she would like to show them my ability of writing in a clear way, without grammatical mistakes. I felt a bit self-conscious about her decision, more than those time when I looked my self into the dark glasses of a car thinking that nobody was in. 

Finally, I met my professor of English literature at university: he told me that My ability of writing was higher then those of speaking. I don’t think he was praising me. However, I saw the glass half full: I understood that writing is one of my strengths.
The truth is that I really do love writing. When I’m doing it I don’t gesticulate, I’m not distracted by my interlocutor, I don’t have to wait to tell my idea because someone else is speaking. Writing, for me, is a form of freedom.
“No-told words find their raison d’être in writing”. I’ll never forget these words even if, unfortunately, I forget its source. This sentence simply means that Sometimes, We are able, in a easy way, to write what we couldn’t express with spoken words. Do you agree?

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