Kamut pasta with cauliflower and cherry tomato

Yields: 1 | Cooking Time: 5Min | Difficulty Level: Easy

A last minute recipe, with the ingredients that lay in my fridge. I post it because Bianca liked it and because it is a very quickly recipe. For all those mums who are always in a hurry but who cares about quality!

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Kamut pasta with cauliflower and cherry tomato


- Boil pasta and cauliflower florets together following the directions.

- Add the cherry tomatoes and after few seconds drain them and remove the skin.

- Drain the pasta and smash the cauliflower florets with a fork obtaining a cream. (Add some cooking water if necessary)

- Season with extra virgin olive oil and put the cherry tomato on top.

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    ~ 30/40g Kamut pasta

    ~ 4/5 Cauliflower florets

    ~ 2 Cherry tomatoes

    ~ Extra virgin olive oil

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