La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Delicious cake roll, perfect to be wrapped with chocolate cream, jam or fresh fruits.

Yields: 6   Prep: 15Min ~ Cooking Time: 6Min   Diff: Medium
- 4 Eggs
- 80g All purpose flour
- 20g Potatoes starch
- 100g Sugar
- 1tbsp Honey
- Seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean


Cake roll is one of those recipe you have to try. Wrapped with Nutella or whipped cream and strawberry, it tastes delicious and divine. With some simple tips, your cake roll will be fluffy and soft, in other words: irresistible!


A - Bring the eggs to room temperature. Divide the yolks from the egg whites and start to whip these ones. Gradually add the half of sugar and when the batter becomes white and shiny add the rest of sugar and finish to whip. 

B - Mix the yolks with the vanilla seeds and fold in the egg whites a little at a time. Add also the flour and the potatoes starch.

C - Pour the mixture in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake at 200 degrees for about 6 min until lightly golden.

D - Once baked , place the cake over a working surface and put over it a sheet of parchment paper. Overturn and remove the sheet of parchment paper used for baking.

E - Place over the surface some plastic wrap and, with the help of the parchment paper, start rolling up thightly. Cover with plastic wrap and wait to cool before filling.