La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Ovis Mollis shortcrusty recipe, made with the hard egg yolks, easy and delicious!

Yields: 30   Prep: 20Min ~ Cooking Time: 15Min   Diff: Medium
- 220g All purpose flour
- 30g Potatoes starch
- 2 Yolks
- 150g Butter
- 70g Icing sugar
- Pinch of salt


You’ve been interested in the recipe of Ovis Mollis since the first time I mentioned it. It is a special pastry because it is made with the hard egg yolks! Yes, I know it seems a strange things but This is the secret to obtain the perfect biscuit you’ve ever taste!


- Firstly, cook the yolks. Divide them from the egg whites and pour into the boiling water. Cook for 5 min, drain and cool.

- Mix the butter, a pinch of salt and the flour in a blender. Add the yolks (sifted with a colander or smashed with a potato masher) and the sugar. Mix until the dough is combined.

- The Ovis Mollis pastry is ready.

Let cool in the fridge before preparing the biscuits.