La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Home made puffed michette rolls, typical crunchy bread with an hollow center.

Yields: 8   Cooking Time: 15Min   Diff: Media
- 200g All purpose flour
- 200g Farina Manitoba
- 175ml Water
- 2g Dry active yeast
- 40g Manitoba flour
- 55ml Water
- 8g Salt


When I was a child my grandma used to buy michette, a typical bread of Milan with a crunchy crust and very few breadcrumb. That was my favorite snack and she always stuffed them with ham. Here in Turin these “panini” are not easy to find, for this reason I decide to make them at home!


- H6.00pm for the biga put the flour and the yeast in a bowl then add the water. Start kneading until the water has been incorporated, the dough will appear unmixed and it’s ok (don’t add water). Cover the bowl and leave overnight.

- Next morning dissolve the salt into the water and mix into the biga, than add the flour. Knead until the dough is elastic and smooth. Cover and leave until doubled in size.

- Roll out the dough on a working surface and create a rectangle. Fold into fourth, cover with a cling film and leave 15 min then repeat the passage (see photos). 

- Divide the dough into eight balls of 90g. Place on a floured working surface, cover and leave 30 min. 

- Dust the top of michette with flour and use an apple cutter to cut them. Turn upside down and leave 30-40 min.

- Turn again the rolls on the right side and gently place them on a baking tray, lined with parchment paper. Pre-heat the oven at 250 degrees and place a tray with boiling water on the bottom of the oven to create the steam. Bake michette for about 15 min, if the start browning too much low the temperature to 200 degrees.