La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Pumpkin focaccia, soft textured and delicious, perfect to serve with savory starter.

Yields: 6   Prep: 35 Min + 5H Rising time ~ Cooking Time: 25Min   Diff: Medium
- 200g Durum Wheat flour
- 300g Bread flour
- 2g Active Dry yeast
- 200g Pumpkin (without seeds and skin)
- 20ml Milk
- 100ml Water
- 1 tbsp EV Olive oil
- 13g Salt


- Cook the pumpkin into the oven for about 20-30min at 200 degrees. (I’ve wrapped it into the parchment paper and than into an aluminium foil).

- Once ready, reduce pumpkin into a purée and let it cool.

- In a large bowl, mix together the flours with the yeast and stir in the water.

- Add the punpkin purée, the milk, the oil and the salt. Mix with a spoon than start kneading.

- Make a smooth and elastic ball, cover the bowl and wait 20min. Make one or two folds, than transfer the dough into a cleaned bowl. Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap, put in a warm spot and wait until it is doubled in size (5-6).

- Transfer the dough over a generousily oiled tray (33x23cm).

- Drizzle the EV olive oil over the surface of the focaccia and cover with some plastic wrap. Let it rise one hour, than use your fingertips to create the typical dimples across the top.

- Before baking the focaccia, put some rosemary on top and sprinkle with sea salt.

- Bake the focaccia at 250 degrees on the bottom of the oven for the first 20min than transfer in the middle rack for other 5 minutes or until golden,

- Cool on a rack before serving, than cut into squares.