La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Milk-braised Pork tenderloin in puff pastry

Pork tenderloin in puff pastry, a main dish good and scenographic.

Yields: 3   Cooking Time: 1.30h   Diff: Medium
- 500g Pork tenderloin
- 450ml Milk
- 60g Ham
- 1 Box puff pastry dough
- All-purpose flour
- Extra Virgin olive oil
- Salt
- Rosemary and Sage


Pork tenderloin is a very tender meat and the milk gives it such a lovely silkiness. Children also like it thanks to its creamy and irresistible sauce! Puff pastry makes the fillet more impressive and tasty but you can also use the dough of pizza for a softener result.


A - In a saucepan brown the floured meat on each side with the extra virgin olive oil, the rosemary and the sage. Add a pinch of salt and pour in the milk to cover the fillet. Simmer over law heat for about 1 h until the sauce is thickened.

B - Let cool the fillet and mix the sauce with an immersion mixer to smooth it out. Set it aside. Roll the puff pastry and cover one half of it with the ham. Arrange over it the meat and wrap with the puff pastry.

C - Use the puff pastry left overs to create some decorations, I choose to draw a net with a knife and a little rose. Brush the top and the sides with the egg yolk to   Make the them glossy and shiny.

D - Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 min, if the top brownies too much cover it with a sheet of parchment paper. Let the tenderloin rest before slicing and serving. Season with the sauce just before eating it so that the pastry won't loose its crunchiness.