Cheese truffle

Yields: 18 Truffles | Cooking Time: 10Min | Difficulty Level: Easy

I'm addicted to these cheese truffle: quickly but impressive, delicious and soft like whipped cream. You can choose the coatings you like the most: poppy seeds or black sesame seed would be perfect.


A - Mix the cheeses until they are blended. The final consistence should be similar to those of the whipped cream.

B - Refrigerate for several hours (one night for me) and then shape into little balls.

C - Roll in the coatings you have chosen until covered all over.

D - Dry nuts teams very well  with these truffles. Pistachios are perfect but you can also try with walnuts!

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    ~ 130g Fresh goat cheese

    ~ 80g Philadelphia

    ~ 50g Asiago cheese

    ~ Sesame seed

    ~ Sweet paprika

    ~ Grain pistachios

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