Roasted pepper rolls with tuna and olives

Yields: 3/4 | Prep Time: 10Min ~ Cooking Time: 30Min | Difficulty Level: Medium

Peppers, yes or no? Personally, I love them, even if I couldn’t really eat when I was younger because of some digestive problems. Do you know that if you remove the skin and the stems, blend peppers become more digestible? Someone also tells to add a little piece of pear when you cook peppers...have you ever tried?! Here in Piedmont we have two great variety of blen peppers: those of Carmagnola and Cuneo. I make peperonata, stuffed peppers, every kind of sauce and these irresistible pepper rolls. Follow me in the kitchen!

La Mozzarella in Carrozza - Roasted pepper rolls with tuna and olives


- Roast the peppers on a gas grill until tender.

- Once cooled remove the skin and divide into three part each.

- Mix the tuna with the olives finely chopped olives. Fill the pepper stripes with the tuna mixture and roll up them.

- For serving: cut the mozzarella cheese into thin slices and arrange over them one pepper rolls. Garnish with fresh pesto.

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    ~ 1 Yellow pepper

    ~ 1 Red pepper

    ~ 2 80g cans of Tuna in olive oil

    ~ 30g Olives

    ~ 250g Mozzarella cheese

    ~ Pesto Sauce

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