La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Chickpeas balls, veggie recipe

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Chickpeas balls, veggie recipe
Polpettine di ceci, ricetta vegetariana e veloce, ideale come antipasto o aperitivo

Yields: 20Chickpeas balls   Prep: 10Min ~ Cooking Time: 6Min   Diff: Easy
- 440g Canned chickpeas
- 1 Egg
- Parsley
- 4 Tbsp Grated cheese
- 1 tbsp EV olive oil
- To coat
- 1 Egg
- Breadcrumbs


Chickpeas balls are a perfect veggie recipe, trust me, they’re really tasty and delicious. If you use canned chickpeas they are also very quick to make! For a lighter version, bake the chickpeas balls until they become golden and crunchy. If you like this recipe, also try the lentils balls.


- Rinse the chickpeas until the foam is completely removed.

- Mix the chickpeas with the parsley to create a smooth mixture.

- Add the egg, the EV olive oil and the grated cheese. If you like, add also some ground black pepper. Mix to combine the ingredients.

- Shape the balls and dip them into the beaten egg. Then, coat with the breadcrumbs. 

- Heat 3 Tbsp of EV olive oil and cook the chickpeas balls, 3 minutes on each side, untile golden.