La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Biscotti vegan al cioccolato: golosi e leggeri!

Yields: 20 Biscuits   Prep: 5Min ~ Cooking Time: 15Min   Diff: Easy
- 90g All-purpose flour
- 15g Cocoa powder
- 15g Sweetened cocoa powder
- 15g Potatoes starch
- 2 teaspoons Baking powder
- 35ml Sunflower oil
- 55ml Rice Milk
- 40g cane Sugar


I usually cook sweets because we are really a greedy family... Anyway, we prefer homemade sweets because we are sure about the ingredients and the amount of sugar. I found the recipe on Ig and I made them as soon as I read it! They are very quick and they are also without milk, eggs and butter. On the other hand they are rich of cocoa and chocolate chips...the good mood is guaranteed!

Recipe from: “Saltando in padella”


- In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients with the chocolate chips. Stir in oil and milk and mix with a spoon. Knead until smooth.

- Shape 20 little balls and gently smash them. Arrange on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake at 180 degrees for 15 min.