La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Radicchio and nutmeg pesto

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Radicchio and nutmeg pesto
Radicchio and nutmeg pesto, creamy and delicious, easy to make and quick recipe.

Yields: 6/8   Prep: 5Min   Diff: Easy
- 230g Radicchio
- 80g Nutmeg
- 80ml EV Olive oil
- 100g Ricotta cheese
- 40g Grated cheese
- Salt, to taste


There are many recipes of pesto on the blog: there is the classic genovese pesto but also homemade pesto with vegetables, such as the kale pesto. Today, I used radicchio and nutmeg to make a new creamy and savory pesto, perfect with pasta! It is very easy and quick to make because you don’t need to cook the ingredients! The tricks to make radicchio less bitter is to plunge it in cold water and changing it very often, at least 3/4 times. Let’s go in the kitchen!


- Rinse the radicchio and cut into thin slices. Drain very well and put in a food processor.

- Add the walnuts and all the other ingredients.

- Mix until combined and creamy!

- You pesto is ready! Store it in a jar and drizzle some EV olive oil over the top.