La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Red zucchini parmigiana

La Mozzarella In Carrozza - Red zucchini parmigiana
Zucchini parmigiana, a tasty and delicious recipe, even more good the next day!

Yields: 2   Prep: 20Min ~ Cooking Time: 25Min   Diff: Medium
- 3 Round zucchini
- 350g Tomato sauce
- 1 Garlic clove
- 50g cooked Ham
- 50g Scamorza/Provola cheese
- 30g Parmesan cheese
- EVO Oil
- Salt


Parmigiana is a typical Italian dish traditionally made with fried eggplant. This version with zucchini is delicious as well and, above all, is very quick and easy to make! Zucchini, in fact, don’t need to be cook before starting to assemble the parmigiana. You just have to cut them into very thin slices and dry each one with kitchen paper.

Try it!


- Cut zucchini into thin slices, season with a pinch of salt and let them drain into a colander. 

- Meanwhile, stir fry the garlic clove in some ev olive oil on a low heat. Remove the garlic and add the tomato sauce and a glass of water. Season with a pinch of salt and cook until thickens. If you like, add some fresh basil leaves at the end.

- Start to assemble the parmigiana: lay zucchini slices in a single layer, then continue with the tomato sauce, the cooked ham, the scamorza cheese and finally the Parmesan. Finish with a layer of tomato sauce and grated cheese for the crunchy surface.

- Bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes. Once ready, let it chill before serving.