La Mozzarella In Carrozza

Roasted vegetables seasoned with acacia’s honey, a simple recipe perfect alongside meat, fish or cereals.

Yields: 2   Prep: 15Min ~ Cooking Time: 25Min   Diff: Easy
- 200g Pumpkin
- 5 Purple potatoes
- EV olive oil
- 1 tsp Sweet paprika
- Sage
- 3 Bay leaves
- Sea salt to taste
- 2 Garlic cloves
- Acacia’s honey to taste


- To make this recipe, you can use every kind of vegetables. The first step, is to boil for few seconds the vegetables, drain them and plunge immediately into ice water. This will prevent vegetables from discoloring and overcooking. 

- Peel the potatoes and cut into slices. Boil for about 1-2 minutes, drain and plunge into the ice water. Transfer the potatoes slices into a colander and set apart.

- Cut the pumpkin into thin slices. Remove the skin and arrange them over a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Add the potatoes without overcrowding the tray.

- In a small bowl whisk together the sweet paprika, a pinch of sea salt and the oil. Brush the mixture over the vegetables, add the bay leaves, the garlic cloves and bake at 200 degrees for the first 15 min, than at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes. 

- Once ready, garnish with sage leaves and sprinkle with the honey.